Selecting the Right Club for Beginners and Advanced Golfers

Selecting the Right Club for Beginners and Advanced Golfers

Getting on the green and putting for birdie comes down to selecting the right golf club. It all starts with buying clubs that fit you just right and they must also fit the type of game you try to play. If you like to curve the ball it will make a difference in the type of clubs you should buy. Most standard sets of golf clubs will come with a driver, three wood, five wood, three through nine irons, a couple wedges, and a putter.

However, you can customize the set to fit you just right. Many players swap out long irons or shorter fairway woods for hybrid clubs and might even add an extra wedge or two to the bag. Take the time to figure out how you should set up your golf club set and you will have the right clubs in the bag at all times.

Beginners don’t need to worry about getting a full 14-club set and can start with just one or two woods (maybe a driver), a few irons, a wedge, and a putter. These are even called beginners sets and you want to find one that gives you the best forgiveness possible. If you cannot afford a new set many places sell used clubs. Just make sure all your clubs match for consistency through your bag. After you learn how to hit the ball and have a good idea of how to play the game of golf, you can get a new set or add to your existing set and learn the new clubs you add.

To start, however, beginners can go with a driver, five wood, five iron, seven iron, nine iron, sand wedge, and putter. This will give you enough to learn the game with and will keep you from getting confused with all the clubs you have in the bag. The most important part of the game for a beginner is the putter, so make sure you choose one you like and feel comfortable with.

Intermediate golfers may want to fill their bag with a full 14-clubs, but they still don’t have to. You may not need the most forgiving clubs on the market, like a beginner will, and you will need to match the clubs to the type of shots you hit. This will help you hit better shots more consistently.

Some intermediate players may not hit their driver well and may choose to take it out and add a different club. At this skill level, you also want to make sure you choose the right type of shaft and grip for your clubs. The shaft needs to match up well with the speed of your swing and this requires a professional fitting. The putter will also make a difference and again, the most important thing will briansclub be the comfort you feel with the putter. Try out a few different choices and you will find one you like.

The advanced golfer will need to choose clubs in a totally different way because they have a good command over how they hit the ball. For the advanced player they want to choose clubs that will help to shore up their weaknesses and give them the best chance on the course. Start by choosing clubs that fit your ball flight with shafts that match your swing speed. You will also want to get the lofts and lies adjusted for your game.

Advanced players may not carry as much loft on their driver and may use a stiffer shaft if they swing faster than a beginner or intermediate player. You want to choose clubs you really enjoy hitting and advanced players can use professional fittings and demo days to help them choose the right clubs for their golf game.

It is very important to select the best golf clubs to give you the ability to do more with your actually golf game. This varies from one golfer to another. The secret is to figure out what type of game you play and commit to the way you hit the ball. Then, match your clubs to your game and you will be able to do more when on the golf course.

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