Propane Radiant Heater Revealed – Propane Radiant Heaters Are a Great Option For Outdoor Heating

Propane Radiant Heater Revealed – Propane Radiant Heaters Are a Great Option For Outdoor Heating

In a primitive way, people use wood to build up fire and keep them warm during the cool winter chill of the camp night. For decades of waiting, the beautiful evenings are now much more comfortable using the perfect outdoor heater propane radiant heater. These heaters use an energy source known as gas to emit thermal radiation and keep the area warm. Apparently, this mechanism is perfect for circulating heat in tented areas and workshops. The following are three reasons why radiant propane heaters are must have in outdoor heating.

Portable Propane Radiant Heaters

These heaters produce a large gas heaters quantity of heat in a surrounding area. It can use large propane tank as energy source and hence, making it portable. The Mr. Heater MH35LP radiant heater is a good option when portability is important. The heater unit is around $219.41. Apparently, the features of the product outweigh its price. This 35,000 BTU unit has folding handle and wheels for movement efficiency. It can heat up 800 square feet size space. Since it is a radiant heater, it is expected to warm the objects in front of it while keeping the temperature cold and chilly.

Non-Messy Radiant Propane Heaters

Radiant heaters produce non-messy fire. It builds heat and maintains it without the sound of the annoying wood burning. There is no need to be worrying about needing to chop for wood and store them. It is easy to use and operate. Hence, radiant propane heaters are great for outdoors.

Efficient Radiant Propane Heaters

In comparison, the heat emitted by a wood fire is less efficient than of the radiant heat. The Enerco HS125LP Portable Radiant Propane Heater is a 125,000 BTU unit that provides more heat efficiently. The heat area it can reach is up to 3,000 sq. ft. In addition, it can operate for up to 17 hours using a 100-lb propane tank.

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